Non-invasive, non-surgical labiaplasty. While only some devices based on laser are used to correct the external look of vagina, women are demanding more and more frequently non-invasive methods to improve their most intimate body parts. Women who passed through the course of medical treatments – 80% of them announced significant improvement of external look of labia, while 60% announced significant improvement of sexual satisfaction. Exclusive technology EFC Elite system ensures giving of adequate energy into certain tissue layer. That enables to carry out effective treatment on high energy level, safely, comfortably, in the shortest time. The apparatus combines in itself RF-lifting (high frequency magnet field) and ultrasound that enables to increase significantly the results of procedures based on collagen reconstruction.

Deep and directed, completely controlled thermical impact on skin structure and cellular tissue of fat under skin by high frequency energy. Thanks to the intensive heating of all tissue layers in the treatable area the production of fibroblasts increases that favours the formation of new collagen and elastic tissues. The action of ultrasound improves lymph flow and bloodstream in the treatable area, better conditions are formed for the drainage of space between cellular tissue. The exchange processes in tissues will improve..

How are the procedures conducted?

It is necessary to conduct four up to six procedures with the interval of 5-10 days for the treatment. One seance lasts about 12 minutes. About 6 minutes to every side of the patient`s vagina. Patient has to drink water in adequate amount on the evening prior to the procedure, on the day of the procedure and two days after it. During the treatment a patient has to feel the sensation of intensive warmth. The device can warm up until 40-42˚C on the skin surface. *You can see the first treatment effects already after the first visit. The final results become perceptible 3-6 months after ending then treatment.


  • Without anaesthesia, rehabilitation period not required.
  • Painless, pleasant therapy.
  • Tangible results after one seance.
  • Ensures the effect for longer period & For all skin types.