Dietician- Diet Consultant

Weight management programs are about maintaining an ideal weight for your age and body type. The program focuses on permanent solution for an individual’s requirement whether it is weight loss, weight gain or maintaining an achieved target weight. Our programs are based on a scientific approach to achieve weight loss or weight gain, offering you customized solutions suiting your unique body, metabolism, habits and lifestyle.In today’s world while most people are interested only in how to lose weight and drop those extra kilos, there are others who want to put on a little bit of weight and gain some kilos. There are numerous supplements in the market that might help increase daily caloric intake and promise you weight gain.

Nutritional care is an important part of comprehensive health care, therefore is an integral part of any hospital setup. It is an important indicator of quality care of patient. Best Dietitian of body care and cure provides expert advice in managing nutrition and dietics, patients medical condition is a very important factor taken into consideration to provide suitable meal plans. Medical charts are provided to patients to bring their level in control and composition better. As our dietitians are certified practiotners they help patients on the basis of their previous records also. Body care and cure has Best Dietitian and are working here for the benefit of patients so that peoplecould lie healthy and happy life .

Weight Management Programme

Weight management programmes are designed to empower participants to make positive lifestyle changes to achieve the best outcomes in terms of weight loss and sustainability. Weight Management Programme that provides tailored advice so you can make lifestyle changes to help you succeed in your weight loss journey safely. Monthly or even bimonthly reviews are encouraged to enjoy the maximum benefits of this programme.